AUG. 2020

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During these past months in “Lockdown” my mind has been racing, a dream state, a film like realness to my thoughts. This is not something new, I have experienced this from early childhood, but I noticed over these intense months, where the world has been so adversely affected by Covid19 that these thoughts & fears were evolving & becoming more intense.

One morning I explained this to my husband who said, ‘Oh you had 'KOPFKINO’ *HEAD CINEMA.   

Hence the name of the album was born.  It so perfectly wraps up these past 4 months for me.

At the time when I first went into Lock down, I was actually living in Athens Greece and playing a role in a new production of the Phantom of the Opera which I performed in the West End.  I was working with a wonderful company known to many of the greek company called People Entertainment Group.   It was a great new incarnation of the show and the best part was I got to work alongside many of my old cast mates from the West End.  Unfortunately or fortunately as it turned out, our show was one of the first shows in the world to close down... before the West End, Before Broadway, & before my home city of Melbourne.

The Greek governments response was very swift and very serious, they were taking no chances. 

I had been toying with the idea to make an album, with some of the incredible musicians in our orchestra, who of course were from Greece.  I had even been working on a few numbers, but when I realised that there would be no theatre for the foreseeable future, I thought that if I can Just push ahead and rush into the studio, which I had already had a tentative booking with called Sierra Studios, one of the best in the country,  then I could end up having a great product to come out of lockdown with.  back in early march no one knew just how bad it would get, but I was sure it would affect theatre dramatically.

The album your about to hear is a combination of genre.  A multitude of style of singing.  Having always had an eclectic taste of music, ranging, Neo Classical, Electro House, Pop-Opera to Scandi-Nordic Noir, as well as the likes of Cirque du Soleil, & Eurovision!!  Having always been fascinated with the voice and how as a musical theatre Actor, working in the West End & all over the world, I have played Pop Rock, Classic Musical Theatre and even Opera. But it is my love of the counter tenor sound which has enthralled me the most. So it is with “KopfKino” Which I have both recorded & edited in Lock down over the past 4 months of 2020, that I decided on the set list for this Album. Fusing different vocal aspects with my fav styles. I do hope you enjoy.

Press Release: New Album. 20/07/2020

Australian West End Actor & Vocalist:      

John P. Ellis